Macaroni Penguin Fact

Macaroni Penguin Fact for you is here. You will know directly about Macaroni penguin based on its head feather color. They have yellow and black color on it with darker color of them. This species of penguin is cannot fly because they have hard wings. However, they are the best swimmer with 28 inch of height. Each year they will lose their feathers and it can change in the next season. They will get the different appearance in the sometimes. This kind of species is cute and looks adoptable. However, since it is difficult to treat and give the food for them, no one will adopt this Macaroni Penguin.

Distribution of this Species

Macaroni Penguin enjoys cold weather. They can be found in whole Antarctic, South America, and the closest islands. They will migrate every year and in that time, you will find them in different location from the common place of them. Therefore, how about their behavior?

They are good swimmers because of their body shape. They make a large colony in every place. They have a good social interaction, especially in young generation. The baby of them should be always warmed. It is because of in three weeks early, they have no feathers yet.

They are less aggressive than other species. However, they can be very protective to their children, especially the female of them. Female can aggressively attack to get the interest from male that they love to. When the food stock is rare, they will consume something like meat in near water, although it is not fish. They will not eat for about four weeks while molting period. It is because of they cannot swim in the cold water without their feathers that can keep them stay warm.


To be ready to married, the female should be in five years age and male in six years age. There is male Macaroni penguin than female. As the result, the female have a selective ability while the marriage process. Female commonly reproduce two eggs in a time. The first egg has a low live probability. The incubation time for the egg is 34 days. The couple of penguin will keep the egg warm change each other at the different time.

After the egg brakes, male will caring the baby for three weeks. They do not have any feather, so they have to keep warm. The female has task to bring the food for her baby. More than 18 million Macaroni Penguin are developed in this time. However, the amount of it is always decreasing. It is because of they have many predators. It also because of their environment that day by day become negative impact. Therefore, the conservation effort is trying nowadays and it asks every organization to protect their natural habitat. Therefore, they can have a nice and safe place to regeneration. All of it should be worked together. We cannot do the conservation by ourselves, but we need every aspect of people to do the same protection like us.