Marilyn Manson Without Makeup Looks Even Creepier

Marilyn Manson was a huge star with hit songs during the 80’s and 90’s. He made a name in the industry not just for his songs, but for his ridiculous overall styling. With full makeup on, he can look really scary. However, most of his loyal fans would ignore the looks and just adore him for his talent. Others are a fan of the look and would even follow his style. Marilyn Manson without makeup looks different, but not necessarily in a good way.

With full make up on, Marilyn looks scary. Without one, he is just as creepy. He looks like a serial killer on the loose.

He was photographed looking like this and he seems to be just a regular rocker. He still has that edgy look, but not that creepy.

Sometimes, it is difficult to imagine someone like Marilyn dated the stunning Rose McGowan. It seems to be an impossible fit.

He was even married to Dita Von Teese. Dita is such a stunning woman. She may also have weird fashion choices, but not as creepy as Marilyn.

This image explains why Marilyn just could not appear in public without any makeup on. He always had to put on ridiculous makeup because without one, it is even scarier.

Marilyn could have easily benefitted from a surgery. He decided to take a different path instead and went for ridiculous makeup.

In a way, Marilyn is a genius. He has banked on crazy makeups, contact lenses and overall image to hide his hideous face.

There’s just something wrong with Marilyn’s looks without makeup on. He is easily among the least attractive artists ever.

Would you believe that as horrifying as this is, his image without makeup is even worse? You might be glad seeing him in this ridiculous makeup.

He was definitely able to make a career out of this crazy look. The good thing is he is talented and creative. Otherwise, his career could have easily ended before taking off.